Volunteer/Sponsorship Opportunity – Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

The Court Support Program at the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter provides coordinated, early, and ongoing intervention for women and their children who have or are currently experiencing family violence and abuse and who need to access legal and/or court services to ensure the safety of their family. Our Court Support Coordinators help women navigate their options, providing information so that they can make the best choice for themselves and their family. In issues of domestic violence, the legal and justice system becomes an avenue that many women need to peruse to ensure the ongoing safety of their families. Many women report feeling re-victimized by the legal and justice system following instances of domestic violence. Providing the appropriate support to become familiar with the proceedings can assure the most efficient and effective ways of accessing the legal system. In 2016 over 450 women accessed the program, of which 97% reported the legal process was explained in a way they could understand and 98% reported a better understanding of their legal rights and options.

The Court Support Program is looking for volunteers with a family law background. The Court Support Program is also currently offering a sponsorship opportunity to a law firm. For more information, please contact Paul Chambers, Resource Development, at the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.
Paul Chambers
403-290-1552 ext 407

“Because of this court support program, I have my EPO and custody of my son. We are finally free and safe from anymore abuse and violence in our lives.”
– a client of the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter