University of Calgary Liaison Committee

The U of C Liaison Committee develops and maintains an active and visible relationship between AWL and the Faculty of Law and students at the University of Calgary. AWL seeks to increase its exposure to the University of Calgary law students in order to facilitate law student interest in the benefits that AWL offers and to encourage their membership in AWL.

The U of C Liaison Committee supports, develops, markets, and holds events and initiatives that enhance the relationship between AWL and the U of C Faculty of Law and/or that demonstrate to U of C students AWL’s commitment to the advancement of women in the law.

The purpose of the U of C Liaison Committee is to raise awareness about AWL among the students, so that by the time they graduate they know that there is an organization out there of similar minded people who they can look to for support, especially in those very hard first years of a law practice when we lose so many women from the profession.  Examples of initiatives the U of C Liaison Committee has developed are:

  • AWL sponsors two bursaries in the Faculty of Law at the U of C;
  • AWL has been a regular sponsor in the past of “Candid Conversations”, a round table of practitioner and student interactions on a variety of topics;
  • AWL subsidizes the cost of some of our major events, like the WILL Awards, for U of C law students;
  • AWL includes our brochures and applications in the summer student packages to raise awareness;
  • AWL attends Clubs Day at U of C to offer information about our organization to law students; and
  • AWL attends the U of C Mixer and other U of C sponsored events each year to introduce our organization to all the students.