Mentoring Circles Program

AWL is excited to continue its Mentoring Circles Program for another year, which is available to women lawyers in Calgary of all years of call and practice status. Participants may be practicing, non-practicing, or retired members of the Law Society of Alberta.

AWL believes mentoring relationships are an important way for women lawyers to provide and receive support to and from other women in the profession to enhance their own careers, and personal and professional lives. The Mentoring Circles Program provides a place for women lawyers to meet mentors and mentees, and to discuss topics that they may not otherwise feel comfortable broaching at their workplace. The Mentoring Circles Program is unique in Alberta in its format, focus, and participants.

Benefits of the Association of Women Lawyers Mentoring Circles Program:

  • Gain / provide personal support from / to other women lawyers in Alberta
  • Exchange ideas on issues relevant to women in the legal profession
  • Discuss or raise difficult issues in a confidential environment
  • Develop better leadership, management, and communication skills
  • Give back to the profession
  • Meet other interesting women lawyers
  • Have fun!


  • Open, honest, non-judgmental communication
  • Strictly confidential
  • Commitment to attend all or most of the sessions
  • Sessions are designed for professional and personal development
  • Sessions are not designed to seek or give substantive legal advice
  • Sessions are not counseling sessions and participants should seek independent medical assistance for mental health and / or other health related issues